The preservation of Santurbán means preserving life and pure water over time. The existence value of the moor is incalculable, allowing the creation of the WEWAC cryptocurrency with a high commercialization and usability value, due to the fact that it has large amounts of gold and water, supporting and generating wealth for its true owners, mainly the inhabitants of the place, the Colombians and anyone who decides to join us in its preservation.

Exploiting the paramo few win, preserving it we win many.

It is a decentralized environmental niche exchange business of natural and legal persons who interact, communicate and exchange information, purposes, products and services related to conservation and preservation activities of the Páramo de Santurbán and its communities, through green smart contracts. blocking the lands so that they cannot be exploited and governance by Consensus Test, that is, the decisions will be made by the community in a democratic manner, all of this is public and encrypted thanks to blockchain technology.

Said interactions occur with the WEWAC token, although it does not exclude transactions with other currencies.
     IS IT?
WEWAC is a cryptocurrency.
WEWAC is a community
WEWAC relies on the "existence value" of the Páramo de Santurbán, made up of a set of goods: the water ecosystems that flow feeding the flora and its native forests, the animal species; the communities, the gold and other metals that are encapsulated and guarded by the mountain, a support that should be kept intact and in its natural state, in order to live and support our wealth WEWAC.
     IS IT?
We consider Santurbán the most valuable and secure vault in the world and we managed to encrypt it so that the commons are not extracted.
      IT IS
WEWAC is a highly scalable initiative at the local, national and international level.

Its digital ecosystem will allow the development of interactions with high intellectual potential and financial performance between sectors; commercial, labor, productive, creative, cultural, technological, tourism and global investment.

Being part of WEWAC at this stage makes it a consolidator of the creation and user of the technological tool designed to connect the preservation efforts of the Santurbán páramo, generation of sustainable wealth and the possibility of having a digital representative part of it, generating wealth for throughout Colombia and for all those who wish to conserve the moor and preserve life.
Who doesn't want to be part of this community?
WEWAC belongs to Colombians as it represents Santurbán and its wealth.

The moors of our territory belong to the state and all the inhabitants of Colombia are the state, we assume the commitment to preserve it in its natural state.

So that this wealth does not lose value, what we do by joining WEWAC represents the right to the land that we have as Colombian citizens, in this way by uniting as a community we give more value to cryptocurrency, and in turn benefit society and nature, this is because he was born in a rich land full of opportunities. "That opens up to new ways of living the present with a futuristic vision"

We create trust, we are clear that this coin is for the shoal and not for the whales, 2500 AirDrop will be delivered in this round, if you want you must participate in the draw, we hope you are lucky enough to be chosen as one of the supporters, click on the participate button , follow the link to complete the action and receive your ticket.
WEWAC It is designed under the DeFi protocol (open ecosystem of decentralized financial tools and services), which starts in the networks of BNB Chain (BNB) and Algorand (ALGO).

The financial exchange platform, its community portal and other infrastructure will be installed in a universal organizational form called DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to ensure that WEWAC is self-governed, decentralized, democratic and autonomous.