the human locomotome project

Only by admitting what we are can we get what we want

The study of human behavior is one of the major tasks of modern science. The most important aspect of the behavior is motion activity through which almost every human function is fulfilled. We aim to create a basis for technology which would allow to determine human biological age and discover age-related diseases on earliest stages.

We define ”biological age” as a measure of organism’s robustness, its ability to respond to stress. Biological age as compared to calendar age is an efficient measure of risks of developing age-related pathologies.

Research shows that human locomotor activity is a marker for quantitative evaluation of biological age, as well as age-related pathologies, and contains signs that allow to classify research subjects as belonging to several groups.

It is speculated that the clusters are related to various common age-related disease. It was also proposed that the signature of locomotion activity signal contains data analogous to transcriptome data. The research aims to determine markers of age-related pathologies and to discover a proof of the markers’ diagnostic validity.